why i created the baby focus for you

by | Sep 22, 2020

Any parent will have had this struggle. I see it all the time. Your baby is all cute and smiling, your phone is ready to capture that moment, and by the time you are ready to take the photo your baby is looking away and distracted by something else that grabbed their attention. This often then leads to you clicking, cooing and dancing around just to get them to look again. It’s incredibly frustrating!

My wife and I have taken more photographs of our little ones than we care to count. We would often have 20 or 30 variations of the same image, taking up memory on our phone, trying in vain to get that perfect shot. Not to mention the countless hours I would spend on deleting all the variations of the same photo. Organizing and storing photos became a difficult task. One that I would put off for ages. I would eventually give up and backup the photos without sorting them out of fear of losing them (I have had my computer die on me once and lost years and years of photos and files). This leads to loads of the same photo (none actually any good!) when all you want are the incredibly emotive ones of them looking at the camera.

I noticed that there were certain things that got the attention of our baby and one thing that never failed, was a rattling toy. So I figured, why not add a rattle to a phone… and this is how The Baby Focus concept was born. Although the rattling toy worked to some degree, it still didn’t look like our little one was looking at the camera, whereas with

The Baby Focus, because it is positioned right below your phone’s camera, it appears that your little one is looking directly into the lens, which is why you will be able to take the perfect photographs and capture those special memories.If you want to stop the struggle of having numerous variations of the same picture and want to save time and space on your phone, whilst still capturing special moments of your baby, then you need The Baby Focus.

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