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The 5 Signs that you are raising a spoiled child

If you give in to your child’s every need or want, this can create a false sense of entitlement which can lead to significant problems later on such as poor relationships, interpersonal conflicts, and depression. Almost as soon as your child begins to talk...

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5 Ways you can improve your relationship after having a baby!

It is very common for couples to argue more after the arrival of a new baby. Research shows that first-time parents argue on average 40% more after their child is born. It's no surprise, you're under more pressure, have less free time and are getting less...

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How to use the 5 Love Languages on Yourself

We have all heard the saying “You cannot pour from an empty cup”! Since becoming a mother I surely felt like my cup was empty plenty of times. Don’t get me wrong, having my daughter was the single most important thing in my life and always will be, but any...

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Traditions to start on Baby’s 1st Christmas

Traditions to start on Baby’s First Christmas There are so many traditions to start on Baby’s first Christmas, and you may be wondering how your little one can participate during their first year. Here are some ideas that you can start this Christmas or...

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benefits of taking your own baby photos

There are so many benefits to taking your own baby photos. This days the camera's on most new phones are almost as good as a professional camera. The internet is filled with tips and tricks on how to take your own photos especially using your phone....

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Baby Photography Tips

When it comes to babies, two things are certain: They’re incredibly adorable, huggable and irresistible They grow insanely fast and before you know it, they are teenagers wearing your cloths or driving your car. Capturing those precious moments, especially...

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How to take perfect baby photos this christmas

Let me guess… you’ve dressed your baby in the spirit of Christmas & you can’t wait to capture perfect family photos this festive season. The problem is… you can’t capture your baby’s attention long enough to snap those perfect shots. That’s why we created...

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The Baby Focus: Frequently Asked Questions

DOES THE BABY FOCUS REALLY WORK? It absolutely does! A baby’s eyesight slowly develops over the first 6 months or so of life, beginning as blurry and color blind although they can hear from birth. And they are certainly attracted to rattle noises – hence...

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why i created the baby focus for you

Any parent will have had this struggle. I see it all the time. Your baby is all cute and smiling, your phone is ready to capture that moment, and by the time you are ready to take the photo your baby is looking away and distracted by something else that...

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The Most Anticipated Baby Milestones

BABY’S First Year - The most anticipated baby milestones Smiles After two months of sleepless nights and around the clock soothing, you can expect your baby to start smiling back at you when she is awake and alert. Often all it takes to trigger your babies...

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