Baby Photography Tips

Baby Photography Tips

by | Nov 12, 2020

When it comes to babies, two things are certain:

They’re incredibly adorable, huggable and irresistible

They grow insanely fast and before you know it, they are teenagers wearing your cloths or driving your car.

Capturing those precious moments, especially in the first few years is something you can cherish forever and you don’t need to go to an expensive photographer for that. We’ve collected the best of the best newborn photography ideas. By the end of this article you’ll know how to set up your own photoshoot right from the comfort of home without having to fork out lots of money for a photographer. So let’s get started…

1. Create the best lighting for your baby shots
Pick a shooting location that has a lot of natural light. Choose the room or area in your house that gets the most sunlight and if you want to shoot on the floor find a window or door that lets in light all the way down to the floor if possible.

2. Find a time to shoot that fits with your baby’s schedule
All throughout the day, your baby will be in different moods, sleepy, hungry, grumpy, happy etc
You need to find a time of the day when your baby is generally the happiest (maybe after a nap or after a meal)
If you are wanting to photograph a newborn when they’re asleep, schedule this around their nap time and to keep them happy, you must ensure the environment is comfortable and even play some soothing music to keep them happy.

3. Pick neutral, textured props so your baby can shine
It is best to Pick props and outfits that are a neutral color and similar tone so that they don’t distract from your cute baby. Picking a light color may help with the lighting of the picture, since it will reflect light instead of absorbing it. Add visual interest by using a prop with texture, like a knit blanket. Using blankets as a backdrop is best, since they won’t wrinkle like sheets or curtains do.

4. Set your environment before you start shooting
Have backup baby outfits and props ready in case your bub has an accident or if they’re in a good mood and willing to have their outfit swapped for a second round of cute photos.
It is also recommended that you adjust your lighting before you put your baby in place for the shot. This will save you time since you don’t have to keep readjusting and it will speed up the process.
Lastly get your iphone/smartphone or camera ready and make sure it is fully charged.

5. Keep Your Baby Supported
Shooting your baby on the floor is a good option for getting overhead shots and making sure your baby doesn’t roll off anything. Other options is having someone hold the baby while they’re under a big, bulky blanket or placing the baby on a Boppy pillow that’s covered with a blanket. Having someone hold the baby is an especially good trick for newborns since they get cold and love to be held. It’s pretty easy to keep the holder out of the shot, and the baby will be less fussy.

6. Take pictures from above
Angle your shot so that you’re shooting down the baby’s nose instead of up because that doesn’t look flattering on anyone. If you’re shooting your baby from an elevated surface, try getting eye level with your baby so you can establish eye contact.

7. Use The Baby Focus to get your Babies Attention                                                                                                 The Baby Focus is a detachable baby rattle for your smartphone. When you attach the spinning rattle on your phone, it is almost guaranteed your baby will look instantly and since the rattle is attached below your phone’s camera, the perfect photo is just a snap away!

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